Product Care



Sculptures are made from mix of resin epoxy and filler materials for texture, color & hardness, metal details are typically steel, tin(pewter) or silver.  Materials that I use are less strong than most metals or stone, but still very durable and should survive daily use.
Please becareful while wearing, I want you to enjoy the creation as long as possible.

From my side I can say that I'm testing designs and trying my best to make them as strong and durable as possible. I guess, nothing can live in perfect condition forever, but things that are made with care and love have a good chance to make owners happy for a really long time.

Please, remember, that all these items are fully handcrafted. On photos you see prototype of the design, but you probably will get not exactly this item, but very similar to this one. I make it for your order and specially for you. 

If you bought item with crystals:
Every crystal is unique, there is no two same ones in the world like there is no two same people or clouds.  You will get your special creation with unique crystals, my love and intuitive feeling of how you might like this piece most of all.

Thank you for your order and enjoy your spesial creation!