Hello I'm Kristina and I've created every single piece of jewelry that you can see on this website.
Through my art I share the story about the beauty and self love.
Jewelry - is the detail that changes our mood and opinion about ourselves, like a nice dress or a fancy car.
Nothing better than a crown can make a woman feel like a queen even if she wears it at home with a robe.
Actually person's life is perfectly balanced. We influence on our mental world with the help of material objects, and at the same time artists, engineers, dentists, many-many other professions materialize their ideas, potential and feelings that they bring from their inner world into objects. It’s quite a circle and I feel that we are connected much more than we can ever understand it...

So I'm working on the same mission like many of us. I bring my inner world into reality. I see big importance in it, even if it's just jewelry because our self expression, our unique ideas and our happiness from what we're working on makes the world spinning.
I know my inspiration is endless, because I let my feelings flow and ideas fly...right above that mountains!