Necklace "Blue Whale"

Necklace "Blue Whale"


Handcrafted sculpture of Blue Whale on velvet thred.

Do you know, that it’s only 10.000-25.000 blue whales are left on the Earth?
Or that the blue whale is the biggest animal ever lived on our planet? Bigger than all dinosaurs!
From all my heart I want to support this magical creatures with my art💙

50% of money from selling this jewelry pieces I’m sending to this organization

🌊 🌊 every month!

Also I have the whale brooch:

Each item is crafted by hand in Canada, using high quality materials for your enjoyment and comfort. Time of making your order is 3-7 days. Then it will be shipped with the shipping method you choose during checkout.

If you have any questions feel free to text me on email or instagram @KristinaWushkeShop in any time.

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