Crown with natural pearls "Aphrodite"

Crown with natural pearls "Aphrodite"


All the pearls in this crown are natural. The frame is flexible hair band, so it fits comfortably to any type of the head.

Shaped and inspired by the rythm of the ocean waves and the winds.
As Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was proudly enjoing the gifts of the sea, I offer you to feel the beauty of this crown that is made from natural pearls with the purpuse to transform you into your own goddess.

Earrings that you see on the photos here are not included in this price. If you want them too, you’re welcome to grab them as one more item, they are right beside this crown in the shop:)

Each item is crafted by hand in Canada, using high quality materials for your enjoyment and comfort. Time of making your order is 3-7 days. Then it will be shipped with the shipping method you choose during checkout.

If you have any questions feel free to text me on email or instagram @KristinaWushkeShop in any time.

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