Crown+Earrings `Goddess of the Sea`

Crown+Earrings `Goddess of the Sea`


Crown and earrings ``Goddess of the Sea`` is made with natural seashells, natural pearls, metal details and top quality glass crystals. It`s wild and feminine design with different bright and tender gold shades. The base of the diadem is flexible bezel, so it fits to any type of head and hairstyle. You can wear it higher or lower, depends on your taste. One earring is natural seashell (it’s actually not as heavy as it looks on photos, at all) and another earring is with beautiful natural pearl. Since the crown is asymmetrical I offer yuu to wear the bigger earring on the side, where the crown is smaller.

Each item is crafted by hand in Canada, using high quality materials for your enjoyment and comfort. Time of making your order is 3-7 days. Then it will be shipped with the shipping method you choose during checkout.

If you have any questions feel free to text me on email or instagram @KristinaWushkeShop in any time.

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